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(Native) French Marketing Campaign Support Employee


Is French your mother tongue AND are you looking for a cool side job / weekend job / internship? Embrosa is looking for a native-French support employee for its marketing campaigns starting 6 hours a week

* Flexible working hours next to your school/study

* work from home

You help the project leader campaigns with the execution of online campaigns for our customers. In addition, you help Embrosa with its own (social media) marketing.

What kind of work will you do:

  • You support the project leader in executing advertising campaigns;
  • You help (French-speaking) shop owners to link their social media accounts to Embrosa;
  • You answer questions from shop owners about their advertising campaign. You regularly call stores for this, or you answer their questions by email and by chat; You are capable of calling and writing in French and English; If you also speak Dutch, that is a plus, but not a necessity;
  • You write social media posts for our customers and ourselves, and you check the (automatically generated) French translations of these posts;
  • You write (French) marketing blogs for ourselves and translate them into English;
  • You post blogs on the Embrosa website;
  • You ensure that the Embrosa website is translated into French;

You can become our support colleague if you:

  • Have an eye for detail, you put a dot on every i;
  • You feel responsible for your work;
  • You fit (the values) of Embrosa: you value diversity, you act from trust, you care, you work efficiently, you are real, you are bold and you are fun.
  • You have good communication skills, you can answer questions from customers;
  • You speak and write French and English fluently. French must be a mother tongue, so you are a native speaker. If you also master the Dutch language, that's a plus.

Good to know:

  • We are looking for someone who can work approximately 8 hours a week. Something more or less is also negotiable;
  • Working hours and days are flexible, making it easy to combine Embrosa with school. You discuss your work hours with your direct ‘boss’: the project leader;
  • You often work from home, because our entire team works remotely, but you can see your colleagues online every day, and meeting at the office is also possible now and then. You must be responsible enough to handle this freedom to work from home;

Would you like to apply? Send a letter of application to Send us your CV if you have one. If we see a match, we would like to invite you for an interview.

A bit more information about Embrosa

Embrosa’s purpose

Since our founding, we have been committed to increasing the visibility of shops in local high streets. Why? Because we believe (brick-and-mortar) shops are the beating heart of the local community. The variety of shops creates liveliness, connection, and a healthy buzz. When we increase the visibility of brick-and-mortar shops, we persuade more consumers to shop locally. So by supporting the shop owners with marketing, we help preserve our communities for future generations. 

How do we increase local visibility?

To increase the visibility of shops, we called in the support of the suppliers of these shops. Both shops and suppliers need to increase the local brand awareness to increase footfall and revenue. We aligned their needs. Embrosa helps suppliers and shops to grow local brand awareness, increase footfall to local shops and cut out marketing waste.

How? Embrosa allows global brands to advertise hyper-locally around shops that sell their products. This way, branded marketing campaigns reach the brands’ local consumers all the while saving between 15 and 20 percent on their advertising budget. No advertising budget is spent on areas with no shops to buy the products. With Embrosa, nothing stands between a brand and an end consumer.

We are looking for a support employee for our advertising campaigns

The number of advertising campaigns Embrosa carries out for customers is growing rapidly. Also, the number of customers in The Netherlands, Belgium, France, and Germany is growing. As a result, we communicate increasingly with brands and local stores in French, German, and English. Our project leader is busy organizing campaigns and could certainly use some help. Moreover, we would like to offer the stores support in their mother tongue. This lowers the threshold for the shop owners to get started with Embrosa. That is why we are looking for a (native) French-speaking support employee;

Does this sound like you? Go ahead and send an application to Embrosa!

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